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Promethean Guard LED Grille for Ford Bronco

Promethean Guard LED Grille for Ford Bronco

Gladiator Gear

Promethean Guard LED Grille for Ford Bronco

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Introducing the Promethean Guard LED Grille for Ford Bronco (2021-2024)

Transform your Ford Bronco into an embodiment of mythic strength and enlightened road command with the Promethean Guard LED Grille. Drawing inspiration from the legendary titan Prometheus, this grille is designed to bestow upon your vehicle the power and foresight of the gods.

Key Features:

- Divine Design: With its layered hexagonal texture and an imposing "angry eye" aesthetic, the Promethean Guard elevates your Bronco's appearance to heroic levels. The matte black finish adds a touch of sophisticated aggression that makes your vehicle the center of attention.

- Illuminated Might: Three amber LED lights are integrated into the grille, providing a fierce and captivating look that guarantees you lead with authority and visibility.

- Regal Installation: The grille's design facilitates a straightforward installation process, utilizing the original OEM grille mounting points for a precise and seamless fit, reminiscent of the skilled creations of ancient craftsmen.

- Imperishable Material: Crafted from high-grade ABS plastic, the Promethean Guard is impervious to rust, resistant to cracking, and robust against delamination. It's a shield fit for a modern-day chariot, enduring against the trials of time and travel.

- Stealth and Protection: The matte black color is not just visually arresting; it's practical. The color is integrated into the material itself, making potential rock chips less conspicuous and providing an additional layer of stealth defense against the elements.


- Condition: Brand New
- Product Name: Promethean Guard LED Grille
- Placement on Vehicle: Front, Upper
- Material: ABS Plastic, LED Lights
- Color: Matte Black with Amber LEDs
- Durability: Scratch and crack resistant


- Exclusively fashioned for the Ford Bronco 2/4 Door models from 2021 to 2024.
- Accommodates LED warning light and comes with a fuse plug.
- Note: This grille does not fit Ford Bronco Sport or models with factory front cameras.

Package Includes:

- 1 Promethean Guard Matte Black Grille
- 1 Set of Grill Letters
- 1 Wiring Harness

When you choose the Promethean Guard LED Grille, you're not just upgrading your vehicle; you're forging a path of legendary distinction. Equip your Bronco with this emblem of prophetic vision and unrivaled protection today.
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